Make friends with the butterflies.


Sometimes when I’m around people that annoy me, I softly sing the melody line of “Poison In My Pocket” to myself to make me feel better.


theres this kid in my maths class who can recite pi to 720 digits

and im there like image

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pros of dating me

  • have you ever wanted to know the complete history of spider-man? too bad.

cons of dating me

  • 'It's 1962. A dark office room, cigarette smoke. Stan Lee has just come off the success of The Fantastic Four, a surge of demand for teenage comic books had hit the comic book market, and he finds himself transfixed, watching a spider ever-slowly work it's way up a wall. 'Wouldn't that be cool?' he thinks to himself; and thus our story begins…'

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Live your life like a Stephen Sondheim musical- Strong, Poignant, and with at least one cameo by Bernadette Peters

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Live at Lincoln Center’s Sweeney Todd has convinced me there is nothing Emma Thompson can’t do.


troy bolton: WHAT TEAM
spot conlon: BROOKLYN

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Don’t forget we have to wake up Green Day tomorrow.

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look at him hes so happy i cant im just so used to seeing him cry all the time oh my god

The look as he slowly goes from the confusion of “why are we here” to “I have the smartest wife ever, the Charmings will never find us here!” is adorable.

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